Who am I?

Well technically, man has been asking this for thousands of years. I was actually going to make up the wildest description of my life as I could. I was going to describe how I was raised by wolves on the tundra before I was rescued and adopted by the Swedish bikini team on a photo shoot. This may or may not have led to growing up to be secret government agent and part time astronaut. However, the last Dos Equis commercial staring the world’s most interesting man pretty much covered it.

In reality, the truth of my existence and background is far better. I’m a PhD in Applied Linguistics. I’ve sold everything I’ve owned on more than one occasion and gone off to live months at a time with nothing but the clothes on my back or what I could fit in a bag. I’ve lived in Japan twice, with a notch on my belt for climbing Mt Fuji both times. I also literally trained with ninjas the last time I was in Japan.

I currently live in Memphis where I spend my days teaching my 6 year old the ways of the Jedi and try to find time to pursue my love of Krav Maga. I’m a decent cook, a hardcore Star Wars fan and an underproductive artist. I like beer, scotch and 70s music. Oh yeah, I also teach English.

I hope you enjoy the blog and I love to get feedback, so feel free to throw your thoughts my way. I will reiterate the statement about the 6 year old, so don’t be mad it takes me a day or so to get back to you.